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Thanks for stopping by. I am passionate about living on purpose in great health for the glory of God. When you or I are out of shape, our energy is low. Without a clear purpose we can become easily overwhelmed and frustrated. Add it up and it equals crabby and tight pants!

Enough of that. I want more of me at my best and less of me at worst. I bet you do as well. Step by step, I am making that happen and you can, too.


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Step 2: Check out my Videos. They are fun! As Life Coach, I help people to set goals and live on purpose. These videos show me and family and friends living fit, fun and free as we live out our key values and goals. I hope they inspire ideas for you so you can create and star in your own dream video! I can help you with that. Click here for Jane’s Dream Video

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Step 4: Life Coaching. Contact me for one-one one or group coaching or to arrange a motivational seminar. Staying stuck and alone drains energy. Defining your goals, forming a plan, and experiencing success over obstacles can yield energy, confidence and strength! Let’s go! Click here to contact Jane. Click here to read testimonials.