New Standard’s Groundbreaking Cannabis Experience in Grand Haven

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Embodying Michigan’s cannabis revolution, New Standard Grand Haven is far from your ordinary Weed Store. Centrally located in Grand Haven, MI, we aim to enhance your life naturally through premium cannabis products sourced directly from trusted cultivators. With a seamlessly blended retail and delivery model, we’ve redefined convenience, becoming the reliable bridge between high-quality cannabis and our valued clientele. Catering to both recreational users and medicinal patients, New Standard creates deeply personalized experiences, committing to educating customers about responsible consumption. From Sativas to Indicas, Edibles to Tinctures, our variety of options ensures that every taste, preference, and need is perfectly catered to. Even more, we take pride in our prompt cannabis delivery system, bringing your preferred products right to your doorstep. At New Standard Grand Haven, we combine a passion for plants, commitment to community, and industry expertise to offer a cannabis experience that truly sets a new standard. Welcome to a place as unique as the people we serve; welcome to New Standard Grand Haven.